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At Maling og Flis AS, we are concerned that you as a visitor and customer of ours should feel safe. With this declaration, we want to give you information about how and why we process personal data about you when you visit

If you cannot find an answer to your question here, have other questions about the content of this declaration or how we at Maling og flis AS process personal data in general, you can contact us at or 966 77 830.

1. What personal data we process
2. How we use this information, and on what basis
3. How long the information is stored
4. With whom the information can be shared
5. If there is a transfer abroad
6. Your rights, and how you can exercise them
7. Changes to this Statement

1. What personal data we process

We collect information about you and your use of this website when you visit This includes, among other things, your IP address, whether you have clicked on to our website via a link, which product pages and articles you read with us, which search terms you use and which products you possibly put in your shopping cart. Your browser type and language settings are also recorded. The information is automatically recorded when you visit our website, which mainly occurs through the use of cookies (“cookies”, small text files stored on your device by the browser) or tracking images (“pixels” or “beacons” which enable advertising and analysis systems to recognize and gain access to certain cookies, as well as track activity on the website).

When you make a purchase on our website, we will register the information you enter about yourself and relevant purchase information. This includes information such as

Mobile number
Purchase history
Information you provide when contacting our customer service

When you contact us for purchase assistance, service or other inquiries via the chat function on our website, via email or telephone, we will collect the information you provide to us, such as your name, your email address and information about our correspondence with you . If you use the chat function to contact us, your IP address, browser type and your language settings will also be registered.

You can also ask questions about the products on our website, write a review of a product, or sign up for our newsletter to receive great offers. For these functions, we collect the information you give us about your name and email address. If you receive our newsletters, we will use pixels and cookies to record whether the newsletters are opened, and which content you are interested in and click on.

We never knowingly collect sensitive personal data, such as information about health, political affiliation, sexual orientation or the like, and ask that you also do not send such information about yourself to us via our contact channels.

2. How we use your information, and on what basis

The personal information you provide when purchasing in our online store is processed to enable trading, and is based on the fulfillment of the agreement we enter into with you upon your purchase.

The information you provide when purchasing an item, and the history of these purchases, will be processed if you contact our customer service in connection with complaints or inquiries about your previous purchases. The basis for our processing of your information is mainly our fulfillment of the obligations we have under the purchase agreement with you. If we process this information beyond what is necessary for this purpose, for example for internal handling and follow-up of customer inquiries, this is based on our legitimate interest in quality assurance and managing our customer follow-up. We have considered the limited processing of personal data that takes place for such purposes to be so minimally intrusive that consideration for our customers’ privacy is not an obstacle to this.

The collection of information through the use of cookies and pixels, as mentioned above, requires that those who visit the website are informed about these and have consented to their use (Ecom Act § 2-7b). You will find additional information about the services that use cookies and pixels on our website. Cookies and pixels can, among other things, also be used to reach you with information about our company and our products on other websites, such as Facebook or in online newspapers.

The information collected through the use of cookies and pixels, as well as your purchase history, is also processed to give us an insight into which of our products, product groups or services you are interested in, or may need. This processing of information is called profiling, and can be used to adapt how we address you via advertisements or in newsletters you receive from us by e-mail. The basis for this processing is our legitimate interest in being able to conduct effective marketing and offer you offers that are as relevant and interesting as possible. The information we collect about your use of our websites is used to ensure that our website is managed in a good way, and to provide us with statistics about our customers’ use of the pages. The processing is based only on information from your interactions with us, and we have assessed it as less invasive of your privacy. If you receive newsletters with offers and product information from us, the processing of your information in this context takes place on the basis of your consent, or our legitimate interests in safeguarding our existing customer relationship with you.

3. How long we store your information

At Maling og Flis AS, we are concerned with safeguarding your privacy, and not keeping your personal information longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.

The information you provide in connection with a purchase from us is stored for as long as this is necessary to fulfill our obligations towards you under the purchase agreement, including claims and any warranty obligations. According to the statutory storage obligation in accordance with the Bookkeeping Act, vouchers from purchase history are kept for at least 5 years after purchase.

If you wish to deactivate your customer profile, you can contact us at

Information processed in connection with questions or reviews you have submitted regarding our products will be stored as long as the product is in our range and included on our website, unless you request that it be deleted sooner.

4. Who your information is shared with

Maling og Flis has outsourced parts of our processing of personal data, for example operation of various IT systems, to external service providers (“data processors”). Such data processors will not process personal data for purposes other than those we determine. The most central to the processing of your personal data in accordance with this privacy policy are:

– If you are in contact with us through our chat service at, or send us an e-mail, all information and data will be collected in these systems. These systems are used to answer customer inquiries related to orders, products, complaints, delivery and more. The data is stored in a data center in the EEA.

– In order to fulfill our purchase obligations to you as a customer, various CRM systems are used to process purchases in store and online. We use this to carry out and follow up sales and returns, create offers, deal with complaints and the like. The data is stored within the EU/EEA.
In order to be able to offer you to use Klarna’s payment methods, we have to share certain information about you with Klarna. This only happens if you choose Klarna as the payment method. Klarna uses the information to assess whether you qualify to use their payment method. The information used is name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, payment history as well as order information such as payment method, shipping type, order details and the like. The use of such information is regulated in accordance with applicable privacy legislation and Klarna’s privacy policy.

– In order to give you the most personal and need-based communication possible, we use a customer data platform to send out newsletters and show you personalized targeted content on the website. This is used to create a profile, as well as send out targeted and non-targeted communication to customers. The data is stored in a data center in Vienna, Austria.

– In connection with product support, service and repairs, we may hand over information relating to you and your purchase to product suppliers as this is often necessary to enable complaints and repairs in accordance with our obligations under the purchase agreement.

– If you choose to create a customer account at, all information and data registered here will also be transferred to the customer data platform we use.

5. Transfers abroad

A transfer of personal data in a privacy context means a transfer to third parties or one of our data processors which means that your personal data is sent to a country outside the EU/EEA. Maling og Flis AS only transfers personal data to such countries if the transfer takes place with a sufficient degree of protection; We have special agreements with those who handle your personal data which are either based on the EU’s Standard Agreements, or the transfer takes place where there is a US Privacy Shield certification. You can find more information about such security mechanisms on the Norwegian Data Protection Authority’s website.

As of today, no such transfers take place in connection with the processing of personal data at Maling og Flis AS.

6. What rights you have and how you can use them

We at Maling og Flis AS are concerned that you should feel safe by leaving information with us, therefore we also want to be able to easily show you which rights you have and how you use them. After all, it is information about you.

Access: You can send us a request to obtain access to whether we process your personal data and, if so, which personal data we process.

Correction: If you believe that the information we have stored about you is incorrect, for example that we have stored the wrong email, address or phone number, you can demand that we correct this information.

Withdraw your consent: For those cases in which we process personal data about you based on your consent, for example if you have signed up to our newsletter, you have the right to withdraw this consent at any time.

Object: Where we process personal data about you for the purposes of direct marketing, or on the basis of our legitimate interests, you can object to this.

Deletion: If you object to the processing of your personal data, or you withdraw your consent, all information that we have stored about you will be deleted on the condition that we have no other reason to retain it. If you want your personal data deleted under other circumstances, you can easily contact us about this.

Data portability: You have the right to demand that information about yourself that you have given to Maling og Flis AS be handed over, where our processing of this information is based on your consent or our agreement with you. This includes, for example, name, contact information and purchase history.

Right to restrict processing: If you want us to restrict the processing of your personal data, you can request this.

Right to complain to a supervisory authority: If you believe that our processing of your personal data should be in breach of the Personal Data Protection Regulation, or the personal data protection regulations in general, you have the right to complain about this to the Data Protection Authority.

This statement only applies to our websites. Other websites that may be linked to on these pages, such as the websites of product suppliers, are not offered by us and therefore not subject to this declaration. We therefore encourage everyone to examine such websites’ privacy statements for information on how they process personal data.

7. Changes to this Statement

From time to time we at Maling og Flis AS may need to change this privacy policy. This may apply, for example, to changes in the privacy regulations, how we process personal data, or general changes in language and design. If we make such changes, the date at the top of this statement will be updated to the day the changes are published, and the changes will apply from this day.

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