Error on reception

On rare occasions, it may happen that we pack incorrectly or that there are deficiencies in a shipment you receive from us. We
works continuously to ensure that such situations do not arise.

Purchases made online:
If you are missing something when you receive your order from us, please send us an e-mail
customer We can help you faster if your e-mail contains your order number,
item number of the item that has been sent incorrectly or is missing, as well as the quantity.
Remember to double-check that all parcels have been delivered by the carrier before you contact us about missing yours
delivery. Information about this can be found by checking the tracking number that you have received on your
shipment confirmation.

Purchase made in store / Click & Get:
If there are deficiencies or errors in a purchase made in one of our stores, we ask you to take
contact the relevant store directly.

contact information for our stores:
Address: karlsøyvegen 17, 9015 Tromsø
Org. No: 917514690
Tel: +47 966 77 830

Daglig Leder Maling og Flis AS karlsoyvegen 17 9015 Tromso Org.Nr: 917514690 +47 966 77 830
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© 2024 MalingFLIS