Diamond Polishing Pads for Angle Grinder, 4 inch Wet/Dry 8 Piece Set Granite Stone Concrete Marble

kr 200

Stadea Series Standard K – 4 Inch Wet Dry** – Set of 7 assorted flexible diamond polishing pads, and a foam support pad for

Surface and edge polishing of concrete
Quartz counter-edge polishing
Granite counter-edge polishing
Marmor Counter Edge Polering
Terrazzo Concrete polishing
The Stadea Series Standard K pad is designed to polish concrete worktop and Terrazzo concrete floors. It also polishes Stone Quartz Counter Edges to a high gloss shine, it’s a perfect value pad for your DIY Stone Edge (quartz, granite, marble) polishing. It leaves the stone surface with a shiny finish at the end of the polishing process.